solutions for immediate application
flexibility and personalization

Fonts, colors, images, logos and the functional distribution of elements and content constitute a determining factor in the characterization of a Web site: the strategic use of these components strengthens communications effectiveness and gives the site a strong, easily recognizable personality.

This is the way a comfortable place is created for visitors, who will then more easily identify with the “personality” of a community.

Every one of our applications has a standard interface that in only a few steps can be completely personalized from the point of view of graphics and functionality: it's possible to create a site where the exploration of content is fluid and satisfying, in an environment with original graphics, or matching the images of pre-existing sites.

Thanks to the combined use of XML, XSL and CSS, our applications clearly separate content from presentation, permitting great flexibility in realizing site layout and respect for accessibility norms.

In this way, we can guarantee solutions immediately implemented with a high degree of graphical and functional personalization.

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